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Manage and grow lists. Permit clients to organise contact data into a central location for effortless list management. The proposed import architecture lets clients coordinate their subscribers while gaining insight on every interaction.


In addition clients can

  • Import contacts from anywhere e.g. desktop, server, online service.
  • Create unique custom fields to personalise subscription forms and manage subscriber preferences.
  • Observe customer trends e.g. Keep track of each contact’s interaction with your campaigns and messages. Use behavioural data to segment, filter, and personalise campaigns, then deliver messages that cater to individual interests and behavioural trends.
  • Add a personal touch to emails and let contacts know they are important to you.
  • Simply pull content into a template and fine-tune a design into the perfect email.
Email Campaigns

An email campaign is a set of email marketing messages designed to direct or inform customers on products, services, subscription forms, downloads, websites, or anything beneficial. You can use VTech to run advanced email campaigns. While we offer a variety of campaigns, the ones with the highest automation potential are drip campaigns, and triggers and autoresponders.

When you send your marketing emails, you’d like to believe that every mail reaches the intended recipient. Achieving and maintaining a high delivery rate is a team effort, and VTech works hand-in-hand with you to achieve the best results possible.

email campaign
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