Multi-touch email marketing

Multi-touch marketing is the process of running a consistent campaign across a variety of digital channels to reinforce your brand and message. Rather than just sending an email, you can create a unique landing page, and have SMS and social media campaigns. It’s an effective way of increasing awareness for your business and a great way to experiment with different marketing techniques. The results will help you gauge which channel brings the best response.

mlti-touch emails

There are some aspects to multi-touch marketing that will move contacts from prospective customers to loyal clients. The cycle is as follows

  • PromotionRun marketing campaigns to gain the attention of current and future customers. Introduce them to your brand and products with relevant, exciting content.
  • Lead NurturingDevelop relationships with your contact list through each stage of their sales cycle. Your main focus should be marketing and communication. Listen to their needs and provide solutions and information.
  • OnboardingWhile your relationship with customers grows, you can begin to familiarise them with your products or services. You can also provide personalised customer service that fulfils their needs.
  • Cross-sellingAs subscribers grow familiar with your products and services, they will be open to purchasing any additional products and services on offer.
  • LoyaltyReward your consistent and long-term customers for their loyalty. Offer exclusive content, vouchers, etc. to retain them and encourage their loyalty.

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