The report gives details on how many people read your email, when they read it, and how many shared it on their social networks. Detailed overview of every message sent, including the following

  • Click and Open ratesOur live reporting calculates each unique click and open.
  • Recipient ReportYou can view in-depth statistics offering insights on every click-to-open, list interaction, SMS-on-bounce, unsubscribes, and complaints.
  • Social SharingThis report shows you the number of times a contact shared your mailer on social media.
  • Platform ReportingIt is important to know which device your contacts use to read your emails. Our reports show you the top-performing devices and browsers so you can optimise your email design and test your emails are compatible with specific platforms.
  • Geolocation ReportThis report is a map showing the location of your most engaged readers both nationally and internationally.
email reports

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